Al Hedaya Islamic Center, Newtown CT - In the News

  • Editorial on the Al Hedaya Islamic Center in Newtown, CT by Professor Sean Foley of the Middle Tennessee State University, Mufreesboro, TN appeared in the  New Strait Times, January 4th 2013

  • Report on the December 16th 2012 Vigil at Newtown High School by local News outlets:

  • Editorial by Mike Ghouse in the Huffington Post, December 20th 2012

  • Editorial by Eman Beshtawii, Al Hedaya Islamic Center in the ‘Forum on Faith’ Column of the Danbury News Times

  • Conference on Compassion & Creativity at Western Connecticut State University, Friday April 12th 2013 features Keynote Speakers Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT), Mayor Mark Boughton (Danbury) and First Selectwoman Pat Llodra (Newtown).The Al Hedaya Islamic Center (invited) to participate in the Spiritual Panel (Mongi Dhaoudi from the Al Hedaya Islamic Center to present and discuss)