The Granada Academy (Full-time Day School)


Granada Academy is a full-time day school located on the campus of Al Hedaya Islamic Center in the beautiful town of Newtown, Connecticut.  Granada Academy currently enrolls grades Pre-K through five this academic year, however, has served grades up to middle school.  We are a private school dedicated to educating our students in an Islamic environment while striving for excellence in acceleration of our students.  While we follow the common core curriculum and its standards, our teachers supplement such teachings with advanced material, which allows our students to study beyond just grade levels and develop crucial skills required for today’s digital and global student.


Many schools may engage in testing only once per year and utilize this to evaluate the progress of students.  As such, students who make progress outside of the yearly testing times are generally underserved by such a practice. Has your child ever complained about being bored in the classroom?  Perhaps they are able to excel beyond the grade level their one yearly test indicates? 

Granada Academy regularly tests students to assess their grade level and learning capabilities.  This information is utilized to design a custom curriculum, course of study and lesson plan for each of our students.  

Recently, through Iowa testing, some of our students scored the following percentages better than students in this grade in the nation

Student A

  • Math – 99%

  • Reading – 99%

  • Word Analysis – 99%

Student B

  • Math Problem Solving and Data Interpretation – 99%

  • Social Studies – 92%

  • Science – 92%

  • Vocabulary – 80%

Student C:

  • Science – 98%

  • Social Studies – 92%

  • Reading Comprehension – 89%

  • Spelling – 84%

Student D:

  • Social Studies – 99%

  • Spelling - 94%

  • Science – 88%

  • Math Problem Solving and Data Interpretation – 86%

Student E: 

  • Spelling – 96%

  • Social Studies – 80%

  • Math Problem Solving and Data Interpretation – 78%

  • Math Computation – 76%


Kristin Fuller, Esq - Principal and Administrator

A married New York attorney, she is also

  • A dedicated mother of one son

  • Solo practitioner at Fuller Legal Solutions

  • In-house counsel in the commercial leasing industry and

  • After-school teacher and curriculum coordinator at Al Hedaya Islamic Center in its Islamic Studies program.  

Kristin is also currently pursuing a PhD in Public Policy and Administration, but has also completed her Juris Doctor, Master of Science in Business Ethics and Compliance, Master of Business Administration in Management, Bachelor of Arts in Government and Bachelor of Arts in African-American Studies.  Kristin’s undergraduate alma mater is Wesleyan University, where she excelled in community outreach and relations, receiving the Senior Leadership Award as well as other distinctions for her community outreach.  Kristin continues this dedication today in her role at Granada Academy, working as a volunteer, coordinating some curriculum in conjunction with teachers and overseeing the management and administration of the school.  


Kristin Fuller, Principal


Phone: 212-804-8288