Granada Coding Institute

Welcome to the Granada Coding Institute at Hedaya! Now offering Classes on Coding for children, the retired and everyone in between! 
For our sisters that have this preference, we also offer the option for them to take classes taught by an expert sister from our community.
Advanced technology is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives with much of what our children pursue in their careers in future directly impacted by their ability to wield some level of mastery in Coding. With a goal of nurturing and developing basic software skills at an early age that enable them to build a passion and a proficiency to pursue careers in technology while also taking on an entrepreneurial risk, we encourage you to take advantage of this new Program at Hedaya.
Learning to code can be fairly easy for children and adults easy even though it could appear to be quite intimidating - here's what some experts from industry have to say about learning this increasingly important skill:
What Most Schools Don't Teach: 

Mark Zuckerberg teaches Repeat Loops:

Bill Gates teaches If-then structures in this short video:

We welcome you to enroll your children, and if you wish, also yourselves and/or your parents, in our new weekly classes on Coding offered by experts from our community.  
Several parents have generously offered their expertise and time to teach these classes - a pilot program with just 2 classes are described below - to be offered over a period of 12 weeks. We would like to request the following response from you (to and, if applicable:
1. If you have software skills and can volunteer to teach a couple of hours every week on related topics, please contact us and let us know more about the class you would like to teach, so we could add them to the Program.
2. If you can help by working with students one-on-one in class as they pursue in-class assignments, please let us know as well.
3. If you already have some background in Programming and would prefer to take a class at a more advanced level or would prefer to pursue an advanced and ambitious group project with a mentor individually or as a group of students, please let us know your preferences, since we do have volunteer experts who can provide instruction and/or work with a student group on special projects.
4. If you prefer a class be offered on a topic different than advertised below in the Pilot Program, please let us know - likely there will be other students with similar interests and volunteers willing to teach it.
The schedule and details of the Pilot Program starting Friday December 4th 2015 7:00-9:00 PM is described below. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments on these classes.
1. Introductory JavaScript & Java [for student ages 11 and over, Starts Friday December 4th 2015 7:00-9:00 PM]
The class begins with JavaScript. In the twenty plus years since its inception, JavaScript has become the main tool to create interactive content on the Internet. This class assumes no previous knowledge of programming in any language or of JavaScript. After introducing JavaScript, the class continues with instruction of Java – which is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, since it is the basis for developing and delivering content on the web. It also serves as the basis for mobile development for the Android platform. The Pilot Phase of the class will be offered for 12 weeks, beginning Friday, December 4th 2015
What Will You Learn?
The fundamentals, control flow and conditional statements, the principles of object-oriented programming, and the use of data structures.
Enrollment & Schedule: 
Open to all who are interested. Ages 11 and up Fridays 7PM – 9PM beginning December 4th 2015 at Hedaya
$20 /month – can be waived if you are in financial difficulty.
Please email student name, tel contact and age (if under 16) by Friday November 20th 2015 to (to and to )
2. Basic Programming skills for children 10 years of age and below:[Starts Friday January 8th/15th (TBD) 2016, 7:00-9:00 PM]
The lower-age course will follow a K-5 curriculum which aligns with CSTA Computer Science Standards and ISTE standards. The K-5 curriculum is designed to be flexibly implemented based on the students’ needs.
What Will You Learn?
Each course experience is a blend of online activities and "unplugged" activities, lessons in which students can learn computing concepts with or without a computer. The online experiences are composed of self-guided and self-paced tutorials, which use scaffolded sets of programming instructions to explore and practice algorithmic thinking. The unplugged lessons take a hands-on, often kinesthetic approach, making use of physical manipulatives to model computational concepts. The course teaching will be supplemented by assignments and projects. Assignments will serve to tie the concepts together and help gauge each student's progress. Students will also participate in a "capstone" group project at the end of the course. The class will be broken into 2 to 4 groups representing a cross-section of ages and skill levels with each instructor assigned as an adviser to the 1 or 2 group to help guide their efforts.
Enrollment & Schedule: 
Open to Ages 10 and below, Fridays 7PM – 9PM beginning January 8th/15th 2016 at Hedaya
$20 /month – can be waived if you are in financial difficulty.
Please email student name, tel contact and age (if under 16) by Friday December 18th 2015 (to and to )