Origins & Vision

Founded in June 2009 by a few committed sisters in our community - mostly as a private summer gathering in Newtown CT, to tutor their children about their deen, this ‘gathering’ steadily grew into a ‘school’ with its enrollment increasing from its initial goal of eleven children to over 60 children in its first 2 months of operation. Encouraged by this initial success, the teachers, staff and parents at the Al Hedaya ‘School’ decided to continue during the academic year with an After-school program 3-4 times a week with even more children from our community continuing to enroll - and more volunteers and staff joining in to support the expansion. Over a period of the following year, with more Programs for New Muslims, Youth, Women etc the ‘school’ grew into the ‘Al Hedaya Islamic Center’ of the newly created corporation – the Muslim Society of Greater Danbury Inc., alhamdulillah

Our children live in an environment that abounds with Crime, Guns and violence including rape, sexual promiscuity and immorality, Drugs, Poverty, Children traumatized emotionally and psychologically as a result of broken families, Disrupted upbringing, teen-age pregnancies of unmarried mothers, Sexually abused children, Spousal abuse, Child abuse, etc.
In an environment as dangerous as this, an after-school program isn’t enough. Our community’s goal is a full-time institution. A full-time school that can provide world-class Instruction in a Muslim environment of morality and care that prepares our children academically, physically and in their nearness to Allah SWT to compete with the best across city, state, country and world.
Children that pray together will learn together and play together - an Islamic school cannot survive without a Masjid nor can a Masjid without a school for much longer than a generation. As a small community we have an unprecedented challenge and a difficult test from Allah SWT. Let’s all struggle together as brothers and sisters - patiently and in ways that please our Creator and Sustainer as our beloved Prophet SAW taught us to. Let’s build our Masjid with the currency of piety and humility.
Let’s give our beautiful children a place to stand and inshaAllah, they will move the Earth!